Yesterday, I said to my friend John, “Happy New Year!” He replied deadpan, “Okay.”

I wished another friend a Happy New Year. “We’ll see about that,” she said.

And then another friend. “Is it, though?” It’s a common sentiment in this time of unprecedented dark uncertainty. I get the point.

I can’t tell my patients “It’s going to be ok.” It’s too dismissive, and frankly, I just don’t know that it’s true. On the contrary, at this point I’m willing to give a pass to a significantly wider range of coping mechanisms. (For me, that involves exercising less, writing more- and the mystically-medicating power of Leah Remini’s Scientology reality show.)

These are scary times: when possible, be mindful of how fear is functioning in your daily life. Fear can be very useful; in the ancient Chinese texts, fear is considered a great virtue of the Kidneys, and essential in engendering perseverance and wisdom. But fear can also paralyze.  It can write stories; it can fixate on suffering. So mind your dread; you are going to have to learn to self-modulate how much fear you digest. And if you need to take a breath and pull yourself back from scary projections of the future, do it. Do not bury your head in the sand; this is self-care, and self-care is an obligation to yourself and each other.  Your health and strength and clarity are necessary if you are to be the boat that helps anyone else to shore.

It has never been more important that you align with the life impulse that made you: the relentless explosion of infinite beauty, love, goodness and truth that cares nothing for the story of what happened, and is entirely untouched by what you may have read on The Huffington Post this morning.

It will never be more important to understand that what you really are was not made here on Earth, in this time or this timeline, and that no part of your original nature can be damaged by laws of man.

You are energy of the cosmos, a comet in the sky, a herald of the galaxy itself, dragged down to Earth to learn a very specific karmically-mandated curriculum. To forget this, even for a moment, is to self-identify with the trauma, and keeps you infatuated with pain, living in the past, and skeptical of the great potential before you.

Please don’t forget that your life is nothing less than the universe’s inquiry into existence itself.  The grace and hope that guides you everyday this year is the very same gravity that hung the moon in the sky.

Happy New Year- or not, whatever,

Love, Russelltumblr_n4c4q2ZZhF1qlyoivo1_500

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